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Do you need a new parking lot? Or perhaps your old parking area is in disarray and desperately requires a makeover; our Paving Contractors Miami are available and prepared to assist all residential and commercial clients. We have numerous residential and commercial asphalt paving services that can restore your property’s image and save you money. Is your paved Miami asphalt surface in need of crack filling or a sealcoat application? We have the necessary product and expertise to make your driveway or parking area look amazing. Over the years, we have consistently ranked among the best asphalt and concrete paving companies in Miami. We are familiar with grading and paving local parking lots, driveways, streets, playgrounds, private roads, airport runways, and tennis courts.

We take pride in creating safe and well-paved automobile and pedestrian surfaces. We also provide repair and maintenance solutions, including pothole repairs, crack filling, lot striping, sealcoating, and patching. Once hired, we promise to maintain smooth and level surfaces on your blacktop. We are efficient in the application of hot mix asphalt along with tar & chip. Ours is the one-stop shop for customers in the local area who require asphalt (bitumen blacktop or macadam) for commercial purposes. We specialize in small residential driveways and sizeable commercial parking lots. No job is too complicated or extensive for us to handle. That’s why we always deliver quality work on schedule. We pay special attention to our customer’s needs, all our workers have received world-class training and can render customer service that will make it easier to maintain long-term relationships. Once hired, a project manager gets assigned to you. His/her job will be to ensure that your work proceeds according to industry standards. Our crew always use high-end equipment and the best materials to accomplish local surface paving projects. The outcome is usually a clean, attractive, and durable outdoor structure that makes a statement about your property.

Our biggest asset is our loyal customer base, and our company’s business continues to expand through referrals and by fulfilling their increasing demand for quality products or services.
We promise to always provide you with proven solutions that come with the lasting durability you’d expect from the city’s top choice for blacktop paving.

Asphalt Paving Miami

Your home or business surroundings say a lot about your taste and personality. At Miami Paving & Concrete Pros, we rank among the best in the industry because we understand what your property’s appearance means to you. If you want your driveway to last for a long time, then contact our experts that residents have been using for years! As one of the leading companies in the industry, we share your passion for awe-inspiring property surroundings. Most residents prefer specific pavement materials because they are already the preferred choice for many commercial parking lots and homes across the county. We always ensure that our asphalt paving services provide beauty and functionality. They are durable, cost-effective, require very little maintenance, and can withstand heavy traffic flow.

When it comes our work, operations usually start with grading your site and carefully leveling the surface to ensure that it is well compacted. Afterward, we will lay out the material while using the appropriate industry equipment to smooth it over. Our team can handle any type of project requirement – including pathways, driveways, parking lots, or pool decks. Our asphalt repair Miami crew is familiar with applying the latest industry techniques for improved overall value. Ours is an asphalt paving Miami company that always looks to exceed the expectations of property owners who choose to hire us. Feel free to contact us today! Our team of top-quality blacktop installers will work closely with you while bringing your urban development ideas to life.

Need a Repair with The best Asphalt Companies in Miami?

Are you tired of dodging or driving over potholes? You’ll be pleased to know that one of the most reliable paving companies is within your reach. Over time, the effects of wear and tear on these surfaces cause the binder that holds together the combined elements to break down; this results in a loose framework and structural surface right down to the lower levels. The inevitable exposure to natural elements like water, oxidation, and sunlight causes further deterioration, leading to the appearance of potholes, cracks, and ultimately costly driveway repairs.

Getting your maintenance and repair work done by the best paving company the city has to offer is the most cost-effective solution to all your foundation and surface issues. Our crew will prevent degradation by applying top-quality coal tar sealer, acrylics, or emulsions. This way, your pavement is protected from weather degradation and the long-term effects of petroleum products. Sometimes the damage to your blacktop might already be so extensive that it looks like you’ll have to repave it. But as one of the leading businesses, we prefer to explore all your repair options, such as spot patches, sealcoating, infrared pothole repair, and others. 

We also offer maintenance services that comply with the best industry practices for safe and cost-effective paving for our clients. Our repair processes usually take between 24 – 48 hours. But once we complete our work, you can expect the sealer to protect your pavement and driveways for several years.

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